How to place an order

Placing an order for a custom pair of orthotics is easy. After a biomechanical exam, select the appropriate device for your patient’s needs. Each of our devices can be modified to suit the individual patient.  Simply download the prescription form below. Be sure to fill out the appropriate entries. 

If you would like a private consult by our own specialist feel free to  Contact Us to set an appointment. 


Corrects genetic conditions in children such as flat fleet, and partial flat feet Provides vertical stability, preventing children from falling during run and play.


Provides relief to hurting feet from daily routines and incorrect position of the foot or use of shoes.


Allows athlete to prevent injury by providing stabilization, support and balance, creating security and durability with each movement.


Provides a relief and assists in distributing weight in flat feet. It helps to prevent metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis and other podiatric conditions.

Formal Wear

Provides support and comfort in those tighter fit shoes for Male or Female. Added comfort allows you to endure formal fitting shoes for longer periods of time. Using the correct insole also aids in preventing metatarsalgia, thick calluses, and bunions.


Assists Diabetic patients with sensory diabetic neuropathy, giving them comfort and a stability. Molded to the foot or to a plaster cast, the insensitive, thin-skinned bony prominences of the plantar surface are protected.

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